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Our approach to software development includes analysis of your current business model so we can identify the most efficient and profitable solution. Our Proven Process involves seven phases to build your website or software system. These phases include:

Review & Estimate

The prospective client presents us with a document detailing their request. After analysis and Q & A, A7 Software Technologies Ltd. provides a proposal based on the items and details requested which will include the estimated number of hours and cost for the project.

Discovery & Planning

During this phase, the design functions and operations are outlined in detail, including screen layouts, business rules, process diagrams and other documentation. The client must approve the design for the project to move forward.

Data Conversion

Software Solutions performs a data conversion/import if neccessary. It is best to do this step before programming because the import process brings greater understanding of the data and business rules. In addition, it provides realistic data examples to test with.


During this phase the website and/or software is made into a functional site. It includes all aspects of the design phase. The system is coded and each unit of the system is tested by the developer as each unit is developed.

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QA Testing

During this phase each unit is compiled into a complete functional system. Each feature of the system is thoroughly tested to ensure functionality and design meets or exceeds project specifications.

User Acceptance

During this phase the system is passed off to the client for User Acceptance Testing. Normally the User Acceptance Testing is completed in the test environment. This is one of the most important parts of the process. The client must fully use and experience the system to ensure it meets all needs and funcitons as expected.

Deploy & Support

During this phase the final software is implemented in the production environment. Over the next several months we monitor the clients site to make sure the system is flowing with no issues or errors.


You can expect our services at really affordable price. We offer professional services to enhance better functionality. We keep updating the content to ensure client satisfaction.